What’s on guide

What’s on guide

The school offers provision for students between the hours of 8.30am and 4.30pm.

Research from the Independent Schools Council has found that attainment and progress is higher in schools that offer a diverse and extensive range of extra-curricular activities. This is something that Dormston fully supports and as a result, are continuing to strive to provide the best extra-curricular programme we can for our students.

Extra-curricular clubs and trips are a fantastic way for students to build their confidence, develop their social skills, explore interests and learn new talents. At Dormston we encourage each student to get involved and join a range of clubs and currently offer a wide range of school trips. Students are rewarded for their efforts and will receive house points for each club they attend. If students have attended all sessions during a half term, they will receive an additional 5 house points per club to reward their commitment.

We continually review the extra-curricular programme offered through conducting regular pupil voice surveys and by liaising with our student leadership team. At Dormston, we strive to continue to implement a range of clubs and extra-curricular trips across the school.

Please see attached our What’s On Guide.