School Council

School Council
At Dormston our ‘student voice’ is very important. One of the ways we ensure we are listening and engaging with our students is via our very active Student Councils.

At the start of each academic year, all students are given the opportunity to put their name forward to become part of their House Council. There is a House Council for each of our 4 Houses (Avon, Derwent, Severn and Trent). Every September, two students per form, per House are elected via a student vote to become part of their House Council.
These young people are the voice of their form and express ideas for supporting charity, inter form competitions and improvements the school can make. The pupils take great pride in presenting their ideas to the Headteacher and mature, focused and purposeful discussions take place. Student ideas range from subtle changes to the curriculum to improving the school environment. Every meeting is chaired and minutes taken. We believe in giving students a voice and many of their suggestions have been implemented.

Our Deputy Heads of House support our House Councils and help them get ready and prepare for their House Council Meetings where they are able to present ideas, raise suggestions and share feedback on school life.

House Council meetings are attended by the Head Teacher and the Deputy Head of House. Each House Council meets 3 times per year. Members of House Council are also given the opportunity to join one of the following sub-committee.
Teaching & Learning Committee
At this committee students are able to share their thoughts and feelings relating to teaching and learning at Dormston.We discuss the curriculum, behaviour and their overall learning experience during these meetings.
Staying Safe Committee
At this committee students discuss safeguarding issues facing young people in an open and transparent way. Raising the profile of staying safe is very important. Students are then able to spread the message and awareness of staying safe.
Finance Committee
At this committee students are given the opportunity to decide on how School Council Funds are allocated. Each year Student Council are given £5K.The Finance Committee review all the suggestions received from students and make a decision as to how best to spend their allocation.
Careers Committee
At this committee students are given the opportunity to discuss what help they need to assist them in order to think about their future Career. Having an understanding of what Careers are available to students is an extremely important aspect of keeping students focussed on their future. Our Careers Committee ensures we are offering students careers paths and support right the way through their learning journey.