Pastoral Care


is strength

Pastoral Care
The pastoral care system supports and promotes the shared values and aims of the school. At Dormston “Knowledge is strength”. We aim to provide the highest quality education by maintaining a disciplined, challenging, and caring environment in which teachers can teach and students can learn. We firmly believe that students should value their education and learn to take responsibility for their own actions. We seek ways to promote excellent behaviour across the school with staff and the students acting as role models for others. Through the school’s pastoral system we support students by working closely with parents/carers, members of the community, and the students themselves. We maintain high standards through our ‘Prepared for Success’ system and our core values; we actively seek to include our students in the promotion of a calm, successful, rewarding environment.
ThePastoral Team
The Dormston School has a wider Pastoral Team working across the school to support students. This team includes Form Tutors, Heads of House, The Behaviour and Welfare Team (BWT), our SENCo and three Designated Safeguarding Leads. Form Tutors are key to pastoral support at Dormston and are a students’ first “port of call” for any concerns. Our Heads of House closely monitor the attendance, behaviour, achievement and well-being of all students within their care. In addressing any student concerns they will, as appropriate, liaise closely with or make referrals to a variety of outside agencies. These are made in consultation with the Senior Leadership Team, the BWT Coordinator, the SENCO and parents / carers as appropriate. Early intervention is key to supporting and resolving behavioural concerns. There are also Peer Mentors from Years 10 and 11 who work closely with younger students to support and guide them, as well as an Attendance Officer and a team of administrators to ensure the school day runs smoothly.
Behaviour and Welfare Team (BWT)
Our Behaviour and Welfare Team (BWT) investigate incidents of concern that have caused students or parents/carers anxiety. They also work very hard to promote positive behaviour around school with groups of individuals or the wider community. This team are non-teaching staff, specifically trained in areas of behaviour and well-being to help support your child if ever necessary. They also act as learning mentors for all children.