Religious Studies

Here at Dormston Religious Studies is taught to all students from Year 7 -10.

At the end of year 10 all student sit the Full Course GCSE Religious Studies (AQA)

During their time at Dormston all lessons are to explore and express opinion about belief and morals, we do not “convert” but we do educate. This fits into to our School Values as it supports the concepts of: Effort, Knowledge, Respect and Responsibility.  

At Key stage three Year 7 and 8 we offer a range of themes and religious responses for the pupils to investigate, discuss and challenge.

Our KS3 curriculum lays the foundations for some of the topics covered at GCSE. We study Christianity alongside other religious perspectives. Pupils will study arguments for the existence of God and various religious beliefs about what and who God is. We look at the lives of key people within religion and the effect they have had on the lives of those who believe in them. We have in depth study of Buddhism in year 7 and Islam in year 8 as well a historical look at Sikhism. In year 8 we also challenge the pupils philosophical stance through a study of the afterlife as well as an introduction to ethics.
Religious Education is a core subject at Dormston and we expect every pupil to sit the GCSE. The exam board we follow is AQA. For the last four years we have entered a whole cohort through and our success rate is very high. GCSE Religious Education starts in Year 9 and is studied through to Year 10. There are two papers. The first paper consists of the Beliefs and Practices of two world religions. Here at Dormston we study Christianity and Islam. The second paper is a thematic study of Philosophy and Ethics. Pupils will study religious attitudes to Sex and Relationships, Human Rights, War and Peace and the Existence.
Trips and Speakers
As part of the Year 7 and 8 programme we visit places of worship, so that pupils can understand how the architecture and layout of religious building influences the way in which a religious person carries out worship. Their experience of RE is further enhanced by the GSUS Live interactive experience. At Key Stage 4 the pupils understanding of Christian beliefs and values is enhanced through a range of key speakers from faith groups.