At the heart of the Geography Department lies their mission statement and intent.

This really does underpin the work that they do in developing a sense of responsibility and enthusiasm for the students here at Dormston. The Geography department consists of three enthusiastic and dedicated teachers. Mr Perry (Head of Geography), Miss Goldie and Mrs Williams. They teach in classrooms all equipped with interactive whiteboards and projectors.

The Geography department at Dormston are committed to instilling a passion for Geography both within and outside of the classroom. They make Geography desirable and accessible to all young people so that their learning of the subject continues far away from the four walls of the classroom.

Our KS3 Curriculum covers a diverse range of engaging topics. Each pupil will cover five topics per year comprising both human and physical Geography. These topics include ‘Welcome to the Jungle’, ‘Who are we?’, ‘Feeling Hot Hot Hot’, ‘Ice Ice Baby’ and ‘Smooth Criminal’ just to name a few.

Each topic will be assessed using a variety of methods including peer and self-assessment, homework and in class exams. When assessments are engaging and diverse we find that students work incredibly hard to stretch themselves to achieve their best. We understand the importance of homework and set this accordingly to allow students to deepen their knowledge on the topic they are studying, whilst also allowing them to further develop a thirst for learning.
Due to the popularity of our subject in lower school we have recently seen an increase in the number of students choosing to take Geography at GCSE. We study AQA GCSE Geography syllabus. This course has three papers that all take place in Year 11, physical, human and a skills paper. This course covers a vast number of topics including climate change, settlement, tectonic hazards, flooding, urban change, resource security and global development that we touch in in KS3.

‘For our students to have a love of the natural world and of the people in it – so that they become responsible global citizens. Students will gain a sense of place in an ever changing environment and develop transferrable skills that equip them for the wider world’

Field Work

Fieldwork is a key part in our subject and we believe that it is important that this takes place here at Dormston.

Our current Year 11 students will shortly be visiting the Holderness Coast to study coastal erosion and protection to help complete part of their GCSE fieldwork. They will also be visiting the local surroundings of Sedgley looking into shopping patterns and regeneration.

We are currently in the process of organising a trip the south of Italy for 2019.