Citizenship is taught through PSHE at Dormston School at key Stage 3 and 4, with the option for GCSE Full Course Citizenship to be taken in years 10 and 11. Citizenship GCSE is a very popular choice and has highly successful results, last year’s being a 20% higher pass rate at GCSE than the national average.

Key Stage 3 and 4 compulsory Citizenship is taught by form tutors during weekly PSHE sessions and covers all aspects of the National Curriculum, from human rights to crime and politics.

GCSE Citizenship is taught by Mrs Downie and Mrs Gwinnett who have many years of experience between them! Our hope and vision for Citizenship is that all students are politically aware and able to make informed decisions about their futures.


The environment

Crime and the justice system

Human rights and responsibilities

Multiculturalism and diversity

Democracy and Parliament

Year 8 complete an assessment based on GCSE grades about human rights.


Politics and democracy


The legal system in the UK

We follow the AQA specification for Citizenship. There are 3 academic units and one practical unit that is assessed through the final exam, where students are questioned on their activity.

There are huge benefits to studying Citizenship, enhancing all British Values and offering real life studies of current affairs and societal issues. We hope that our students enjoy the subject and gain an important insight into modern life in Britain..