Exam Results

Exam Results

We would like to congratulate the Class of 2023 for all of their hard work and effort.   

While it seems wrong to single out students amongst such a hard-working cohort, particular mention should go to the following people who achieved a grade 7 or above in every one of their subjects.   

Amber Bradley, Evelyn Newey, Lucy Poyner 

 A fantastic achievement, well done!  

Progress 8 is the key indicator of overall school performance and measures the progress students have made from the end of primary school to students of the same ability nationally. Although it will be a while before the final results are verified and published on the school performance tables website we have early indicators that suggest the year group performed only slight behind where they should have done achieving a progress 8 score of -0.16. This basically means that the year group as a whole achieved one-tenth of a grade below their expected in 8 subjects.  

The students showing the most progress achieved an average of more than 2 grades per subject higher than similar students nationally.  

Eve Ringham, Jake Rushton, Hannah Steadman, George Ward 

This is a truly amazing achievement demonstrating that hard work really does pay off, well done!!