Diversity in Dormston

Diversity in Dormston

Here at Dormston, we strive to make all students feel welcome and secure, free to be the people they want to be. We actively promote inclusion and seek to address any issues that students may face in their time with us. We participate in events such as Black History Month to promote multiculturalism and have gained the Stonewall Award for our work on promoting the rights of the LGBTQ+ community.

On this page, you can discover some of the work that we do to promote diversity- you can view resources we show students, view where our curriculum covers these areas, see reading lists, view staff training on this and access websites that can offer further information. We want our students to fully engage with British Values and the factors of ‘Mutual Tolerance and Respect’ and ‘Individual Liberty’ are at the core of our diversity work. We expect all students to be fully respectful of all people, regardless of gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, ability, language, country of origin or religion. If students are not respectful of these characteristics, we take action to provide them with education to learn from their mistakes and repair the harm caused- for example, any pupil who is at fault in a racist incident, in addition to a sanction, will be required to take part in a bespoke workshop to tackle the misconceptions and ideas that they may have. This is based on the ‘Kick it Out’ course and details can be seen below.

All Parents – Diversity at Dormston – December 2023

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