Behaviour System

Behaviour System
At Dormston we firmly believe that all students are entitled to disruption free learning. As such we operate a ‘Prepared for Success’ behaviour and learning system. If required sanctions are given through a central school system and carefully monitored by the Behaviour and Welfare Team (BWT), Heads of House and Senior Leadership Team.
The aims of Prepared for Success are:
Whilst sanctioning poor behaviour the school will also work with students to reflect on their actions and put interventions in place to prevent reoffending. Reasonable adjustments are made to take into consideration students with specific needs.
Our ‘Prepared for Success’ behaviour system has three strands:

Success in the lessons –

After an initial warning a child will be removed from a lesson to our Refocus Room for 5 periods and a 1 hour detention.  Parents/Carers will be notified immediately if this is the case.

Success around school and in the community –

Behaviour that breaks our rules will result in detentions at lunchtime/after school.

Serious incidents