The school holds an Open Evening early in the autumn term and tours of the school during the school day can be arranged throughout the following week. Should these times not be convenient, parents are welcome to contact the school for an appointment; a senior member of staff will be very pleased to show you around.

Dormston is a Dudley LA Community School and follows the LA admissions procedure. The LA allocates places on the basis of the following priorities:-

Parents are required to provide supportive information from their child’s hospital consultant at the time of application in order to be considered under this criterion. This supportive information should include information about the needs of the child. Parents may wish to indicate why the preferred school is the most appropriate to meet the child’s medical condition rather than any other school. The LA will not seek to obtain this information from parents.

Transfer to Secondary School

Primary Feeder Schools are visited by members of Dormston staff during the summer term to give potential primary school pupils their first opportunity to ask questions about how the transfer to secondary school will work and what life will be like when they join us in September. We spend time with pupils’ primary school teachers finding out as much as possible about our new students.

Pupils are invited to spend 3 days with us during our Primary School Induction Week in early July which culminates in an Induction Evening for Parents on the last day. We hope this will relieve any anxieties that students and parents may have.

Priority List

First priority shall be given to ‘relevant looked after children’ or children who were previously looked after and were then subject to an adoption, residence or special guardianship order immediately after being looked after.

Second priority shall be given to children with a ‘serious medical condition’ (Statements of Special Educational Needs or Education, Health and Care, EHC Plans), where the preferred community school is the most appropriate school to meet the needs of the child’s serious medical condition.

Third priority will be given to pupils who have a brother/sister, half brother/sister (where the child shares one common parent), or step brother/sister, living at the same address and who will be in attendance the same year of entry.

Fourth places that remain available once the above applications have been admitted, will be filled according to those children who live closest to the school, determined by a straight line measured in metres, from the home address to the main entrance of the preferred school. In exceptional circumstances the school may consider allowing a child to join outside of their normal age group. If parents wish for this to be considered they must apply in writing. Any decision is at the Headteacher’s discretion.