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At The Dormston School we place high importance on students attending school every day. Evidence shows that those students who have a high attendance level achieve have a much higher attainment than those with a low attendance level. We want students to come to school every day because they enjoy learning, want to do better and make progress as well as interact with the school community. 

Each student has a personal attendance target of 100%. However as a school we aspire for every student to achieve 97%. We appreciate that some absences can sometimes be unavoidable and students do suffer with illness, but please be aware that all absences whether they are authorised or unauthorised will still affect their overall attendance level.

When absence or lateness is unavoidable parents/carers are asked to ring the school to inform us as soon as possible. Parents/carers must contact the school every day that their child is absent.

Our expectation is that any appointments will be made out of school time where possible. If this is unavoidable please let the school know in advance and write a note in the students planner to explain the details. We expect students to return to school after their appointments when the school day is still taking place.

It is very unlikely that any holiday requests will be granted during term time.

We monitor attendance very carefully and we will support any students who have issues with attending school with a sympathetic and pragmatic approach in the first instance. However if attendance doesn’t improve then the local authority can fine each parent/carer a fine of £60 for unauthorised absences, which rises to £120 each if this is not paid within 21 days. If you do not pay the fine after 28 days you may be prosecuted for your child’s absence from school.